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FCW(Transparent PI/Hardcoating)


“ Flexible Cover Window (FCW) SK ie technology’s next-generation display material business has better quality and price competitiveness than competitors by securing advanced technologies of FCW material synthesis,
base-film manufacturing as well as precise coating technology ”

SKIET leads the next-generation display material industry.

Material business for next-generation display with
high growth potential

Flexible display market has high potential for changing display form factors

In 2019, SKIET announced to enter the foldable display material market aiming for the top-tier display players in South Korea and overseas.

FCW is expected to become a key technology in the market.

FCW Capa.: Demo Plant of 60,000 ㎡,
1st Commercial Plant of 300,000 ㎡

In 1Q of 2019, the transparent Pl film demo plant was completed.

Since April 2020, the commercial line has started operation

FCW is a core material for foldable display

FCW is a new-generation material, consisting of transparent Pl film and hard coat, to replace the glass cover window of foldable phones, IT devices and automotive displays

FCW구성 - 자세한 사항은 다음의 내용을 참조하세요.
FCW foldable phone Bending Form of FCW
  • 평면>접힘>휘어짐
  • Polarizer
FCW 구조
  • Hard Coat
  • transparent Polyimide (PI) Film
  • Functional Coating
  • Foldable Smartphone
  • Flexible OLED Smartphone
  • Automotive Display
  • Transparent Mobile Display

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