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FCW(Transparent PI/Hardcoating)

SKIET-FCW Product & Technology

Key Technology for Entire FCW Development Process

SKIET can provide a total solution for manufacturing FCW with basic material synthesis,
transparent PI film manufacturing and functional hard coating technology

FCW구성 - 자세한 사항은 다음의 내용을 참조하세요.
SKIET can supply transparent PI film including Hard Coat
  • Polyimide 중합/배합 > 투명PI Film화 > 기능성 하드코팅(하드코딩, 투명PL)= Panel

Outstanding Appearance & Properties

FCW realizes outstanding optical performance, modulus and bending performance for foldable/bendable/stretchable
displays by processing a functional hard coating on a transparent PI film.

연도별 재무상태표(표)입니다. 이 표는 구분, 2019년에 대한 정보를 확인할 수 있습니다.
Properties Unit SKIET FCW
Transmittance % >90
Haze % <1
YI - <2
Modulus GPa >6
Pencil Hardness 750gf >4H
In-folding # of times/
1.5 mmR
Out-folding # of times/
3.0 mmR
* Customization is possible according to customer needs in addition to the specifications mentioned above.

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